Advantages of Partnering with Us

  1. Customer Service – Our individual and group representatives all have 10+ years of service. You need answers and assistance and our staff will answer the need! Agents enjoy the level of customer service they receive at Partners. Our ratio of customer service representation to agent is extremely high for a reason. We want to provide you with the service you should expect from your General Agency.
  2. Transparency – For years, agents in the state of Iowa have not known what the “real” story is behind their commissions. Wholesalers have quietly only told you what you get paid. Partners values disclosure and we have always been completely transparent with our agents. Not only will you know what you get paid, but you will also know what we get paid as your General Agency. You deserve to know the whole story and you will get it at Partners.
  3. Dedicated Compliance and Health Care Reform Programs – The health insurance world today is complex, confusing, and sometimes bizarre. We have joined forces with the Benefit Compliance Program which provides valuable health reform information as well as other benefit compliance information and guidance. This program has an on staff attorney as well as a benefits consultant to answer questions. You will also enjoy information shared by the Benefits Compliance Program at our training sessions.
  4. Vesting – At Partners, our philosophy has always been that you own your business. You have worked hard to establish your portfolio of clients and you should never be held captive if you would like to move to another General Agency.
  5. Location – We are the only Wellmark General Agency located in Western Iowa.
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